Attractions & Sport

Consumers have an increasingly greater choice of entertainment, attraction and sport products.   From capital-intensive sporting venues and four-season destination attractions to more modest—and often portable—festivals and events, the range of products is almost limitless. As are the questions:

  • In such a competitive environment, how is a sustainable competitive advantage achieved?
  • How are value propositions clearly articulated to drive customer loyalty and gain repeat visits?
  • How does resident demand relate to tourist demand?
  • How does programming support visitation and maximize revenues?

More modest-sized recreation and leisure facilities have traditionally been the domain of local governments justified as basic social infrastructure. Arguably, recreation facilities and activities are significant factors in creating quality of life and making communities more attractive from an economic development standpoint.

  • How does government maintain service levels without increasing financial consequences?
  • How can operational deficiencies be identified?
  • How can capital be raised to construct new and/or renovate existing facilities?

HLT has addressed these issues in numerous assignments for both public and private sector clients at the municipal and regional levels.


Services We Offer for the Entertainment, Attractions & Sports Sector

Needs Assessment

HLT assists public- and private-sector interests plan for the future through:

  • Consumer needs assessments
  • Product-market gap analysis
  • Project feasibility
  • Business case preparation

Investment Opportunity Assessment

HLT plays a leading role in assisting public- and private-sector interests understand the complexities surrounding buy, build, transfer and operate decisions as well as public-private partnership assessments, including:

  • Due diligence
  • Financial analysis
  • Market scoping and testing
  • Identifying investment opportunities