Gaming (Canada)

The global gaming industry has experienced tremendous growth and development in the past decade. Gaming represents a significant source of government revenue and is a major job creator. Gaming is increasingly contributing to other hospitality and tourism sectors, but competition within and between regions continues to increase. Operators and investors face significant challenges including evolving gaming policy, new competition (land- and web-based), a maturing market in many jurisdictions, industry consolidation and a growing demand for non-gaming amenities.

HLT has worked with many of the industry’s largest operators, financiers and owners as well as public-sector regulators and gaming policy leaders across a range of areas.

Services We Offer for the Canadian Gaming Sector


Dozens of public-sector clients have relied on HLT when developing policy and strategic direction:

  • Introduction and growth strategies
  • Compensation structures
  • Supply rationalization
  • Creation of Acts and Regulations
  • Interface with private sector
  • Monitor and interpret trends

RFP Process Management

HLT has developed a substantial track record in structuring, developing content and authoring competitive bid documentation, as well as administering bid processes and evaluating subsequent bid submissions.

  • Team structuring
  • Strategy development
  • Process management
  • Bid preparation
  • Evaluation content

General Business Advisory

We provide objective guidance – at the organization and/or enterprise level – by understanding the real issue(s) and identifying desired outcomes through:

  • Market assessments
  • Market entry strategies
  • Business case analysis
  • Business plan preparation
  • Market positioning/repositioning
  • Competitive intelligence

Operations Support

HLT’s proven operations skillsets have been applied in:

  • Market positioning/repositioning
  • Staffing rationalization
  • Use of non-gaming amenities
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Loyalty program audits
  • Financial benchmarking

Transaction Support

Today’s business climate demands a comprehensive approach to initiating, evaluating, closing and subsequently managing investment opportunities. HLT recognizes the complexity of the operating environment and the need to drive results from a transaction:

  • Acquisition and disposition strategies
  • Due diligence
  • Identifying and accessing funding sources
  • Management contract negotiation