Our Services

HLT Advisory Inc. supports the Canadian and international hospitality, leisure and tourism industries with practical, usable, achievable and measurable advice.
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Development Advisory

HLT can lead or advise through the entire development process from conceptualization, feasibility, design, contract negotiation and construction through to opening. We offer:

  • Extensive experience with complex projects
  • The ability to plan and “optimize” mixed-use project elements
  • Familiarity with most brand design standards and contract terms
  • Senior-level relationships at major brand and management companies
  • Ability to negotiate the business terms of relevant agreements

Policy/Strategy Development

Dozens of public-sector clients have relied on HLT when developing policy and strategic direction:

  • Introduction and growth strategies
  • Compensation structures
  • Supply rationalization
  • Creation of Acts and Regulations
  • Interface with private sector
  • Monitor and interpret trends

RFP Process Management

HLT has developed a substantial track record in structuring, developing content and authoring competitive bid documentation, as well as administering bid processes and evaluating subsequent bid submissions.

  • Team structuring
  • Strategy development
  • Process management
  • Bid preparation
  • Evaluation content

General Business Advisory

We provide objective guidance—at the organization and/or enterprise level—by understanding the real issue(s) and identifying desired outcomes through:

  • Market assessments
  • Market entry strategies
  • Business case analysis
  • Business plan preparation
  • Market positioning/repositioning
  • Competitive intelligence

Operations Support

HLT’s proven operations skillsets have been applied in:

  • Market positioning/repositioning
  • Staffing rationalization
  • Use of non-gaming amenities
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Loyalty program audits
  • Financial benchmarking

Transaction Support

Today’s business climate demands a comprehensive approach to initiating, evaluating, closing and subsequently managing investment opportunities. HLT recognizes the complexity of the operating environment and the need to drive results from a transaction:

  • Acquisition and disposition strategies
  • Due diligence
  • Identifying and accessing funding sources
  • Management contract negotiation

Asset Management

Knowledgeable and effective asset management is essential in those situations where ownership and operation are separated. HLT manages the manager by:

  • Determining an appropriate position, strategy and target for each asset
  • Ongoing monitoring of operations against target(s)
  • Controlling capital expenditures
  • Preparing concise, insightful and usable reports to ownership
  • Accessing additional specialized resources as required

Revenue Maximization

HLT has developed a reputation for effectively boosting top-line revenue through:

  • Yield and pricing analysis
  • Analyzing sales team structures and effectiveness
  • Identifying data needs and analytical tools
  • Managing distribution channels
  • Developing an overall revenue management strategy

Expansion Assessment

HLT can lead or advise through the entire expansion process including:

  • Market substantiation
  • Competitive analysis
  • Defining space needs
  • Business case development
  • Quantifying economic impact
  • Communication strategy
  • Creating funding strategies

Marketing Strategies

Integration of the sales and marketing plans of a convention centre and the relevant destination marketing organization is vital to success. HLT helps by:

  • Defining and quantifying target markets
  • Identifying sales and marketing strategies
  • Facilitating integration of sales and marketing plans
  • Quantifying marketing budgets

Operational Benchmarking

HLT has a 10-year partnership with the Convention Centres of Canada to collect, analyze and disseminate (confidentially) operating data from Canada’s 19 largest convention centres. This “trusted advisor” status reflects HLT’s ability to understand convention venue operations and provide follow-on support.

Individually, HLT counts Canada’s ten busiest convention venues as long-standing clients.

Needs Assessment

HLT assists public- and private-sector interests plan for the future through:

  • Consumer needs assessments
  • Product-market gap analysis
  • Project feasibility
  • Business case preparation

Investment Opportunity Assessment

HLT plays a leading role in assisting public- and private-sector interests understand the complexities surrounding buy, build, transfer and operate decisions as well as public-private partnership assessments, including:

  • Due diligence
  • Financial analysis
  • Market scoping and testing
  • Identifying investment opportunities

Strategic Planning

HLT assists public- and private-sector interests plan for the future through:

  • Facilitation of Boards and Committees
  • Preparing strategic plans
  • Undertaking governance reviews
  • Interfacing with one or more levels of government
  • Setting long-term goals

Industry Support

HLT plays a leading role in supporting sector associations communicate to governments and related stakeholders by preparing:

  • Economic impact studies
  • Position papers
  • Industry engagement strategies
  • Infographics
  • Annual reports

Litigation Support

Sometimes, even with the best intentions and often as the result of uncontrollable factors, hospitality businesses fail, joint-venture partners agree to disagree or situations arise that require legal action or arbitration. In these circumstances, knowledge of industry fundamentals, accepted business practices, valuation methodologies, market trends and transaction history can be extremely useful in delineating a given position.