Services for: Owners / Boards of Directors

Our Services

Services focused on shareholder/stakeholder objectives for the short, medium and/or long-term.

Development Advisory

HLT can lead or advise through the entire development process from conceptualization, feasibility, design, contract negotiation and construction through to opening. We offer:

  • Extensive experience with complex projects
  • The ability to plan and “optimize” mixed-use project elements
  • Familiarity with most brand design standards and contract terms
  • Senior-level relationships at major brand and management companies
  • Ability to negotiate the business terms of relevant agreements

Policy/Strategy Development

Dozens of public-sector clients have relied on HLT when developing policy and strategic direction:

  • Introduction and growth strategies
  • Compensation structures
  • Supply rationalization
  • Creation of Acts and Regulations
  • Interface with private sector
  • Monitor and interpret trends

General Business Advisory

We provide objective guidance—at the organization and/or enterprise level—by understanding the real issue(s) and identifying desired outcomes through:

  • Market assessments
  • Market entry strategies
  • Business case analysis
  • Business plan preparation
  • Market positioning/repositioning
  • Competitive intelligence

Asset Management

Knowledgeable and effective asset management is essential in those situations where ownership and operation are separated. HLT manages the manager by:

  • Determining an appropriate position, strategy and target for each asset
  • Ongoing monitoring of operations against target(s)
  • Controlling capital expenditures
  • Preparing concise, insightful and usable reports to ownership
  • Accessing additional specialized resources as required

Transaction Support

Today’s business climate demands a comprehensive approach to initiating, evaluating, closing and subsequently managing investment opportunities. HLT recognizes the complexity of the operating environment and the need to drive results from a transaction:

  • Acquisition and disposition strategies
  • Due diligence
  • Identifying and accessing funding sources
  • Management contract negotiation

Investment Opportunity Assessment

HLT plays a leading role in assisting public- and private-sector interests understand the complexities surrounding buy, build, transfer and operate decisions as well as public-private partnership assessments, including:

  • Due diligence
  • Financial analysis
  • Market scoping and testing
  • Identifying investment opportunities

Strategic Planning

HLT assists public- and private-sector interests plan for the future through:

  • Facilitation of Boards and Committees
  • Preparing strategic plans
  • Undertaking governance reviews
  • Interfacing with one or more levels of government
  • Setting long-term goals